2016-06-04 Tarifa to Seville



Our local map of the Tarifa area pointed us to an area called Las Dunas, a short way off the main road, where there were extensive sand dunes, some walks in the hills and some nice coastal scenery. The dunes were quite extensive, and trying hard to cover the road. It was clearly a magnet for the locals who were there in force having fun.



Windfarms are everywhere around this corner of Spain.

We headed north along the coast, passing pueblo blancos high on the hills, and extensive wind farms. Spain must get a lot of power from the wind. Wikipedia tells me it is the world’s second largest producer of wind power.



Passing Cadiz, we dropped into a local RAMSAR wetlands to have a look-see. Looks like a great site to visit at the right time of year, but we saw only a few birds on our visit.

Then it was a quick drive up the highway to the twisty narrow streets of old-town Seville.

More photos at https://goo.gl/photos/LX3p5mgtiMt88S9G6