2016-06-13 Picos to Bilbao

The road from Picos winds down through a spectacular gorge towards the coast. Alas, there was nowhere to stop to take photos, but amazing scenery. We stopped for lunch and a leg-stretch at a tiny coastal town

Sonabia, small cove to the west.

Sonabia, small cove to the west. panoramic montage.

Sonabia coastline looking south east from near the point

Sonabia, which had interesting contours on the map, and an old church. Quite a pretty spot for lunch, with coastal views. It was grey and showery so we left the cameras in the dry car, but I snapped a couple of pictures on the phone.

See https://goo.gl/photos/diyzdRQsyHSLgPwY7 for larger images.