2016-05-30 Aguilar de la Frontera

G5D27217On the way from Cordoba to Granada we detoured through Aguilar de la Frontera – seemed like somewhere nice to have a break, not far from the highway. Google told us it had a castle – 9th century ruins. Well worth the detour. The place was so un-touristy, it was a great contrast with Cordoba.G5D27200

Have I mentioned the parking? This image is typical – the mirror is touching the wall, and you could not fit your fingers between the wall and the car side panel. It’s the only way other cars can pass, the streets are so narrow. G5D27225And a woman with a baby in a stroller had to get off the road and onto the tiny footpath (no wider than the stroller) to allow a car to pass.


Here is what passes for a balcony with the resident guard dog. I don’t think there was enough room for the dog to turn around, but the window was open at both sides so the dog could get out.




G5D27211After a km or so of walking the narrow twisty streets we arrived at the castle ruins, currently, it seems, in a state of rebuilding. In a few years there may be a simulacrum of a 9th century castle to amuse the passing tourist.





More pictures at https://goo.gl/photos/6DHkUJRdS2T4krUe7