2016-05-30 Granada and the Alhambra

IMG_7399-EditGranada is home to the Alhambra, a spectacular palace/fortress that was founded about 890 AD and has been added to and remodeled over the centuries. They restrict visitor numbers, so a limited number of tickets are available each day. Half are taken by tour companies and half are available to the public, mostly booked well ahead, and a few of which are sold at the gate on the day. Only 2.4 million people passed through the gates in 2014. We were told to queue up at 6am-7am to be sure of getting a ticket on the daily allocation. So we checked online and snagged a couple of tickets for the next afternoon (morning sold our, 43 places left in the PM).  We decided 6 hours was not nearly enough so we booked again and snagged tickets for the morning. After 12 h we felt we had got to all the places that were open (quite a few were closed). There is so much to see. Fabulous palaces, amazing gardens, diverse styles and ages. IMG_7318 IMG_7378

Lots more photos at https://goo.gl/photos/ZGkTjj7kEdvXs2CX7